FBI invokes Patriot Act against reporters covering Adrian Lamo case

Via Declan's politech list, news that the FBI is demanding that several reporters retail any notes or communication records pertaining to Adrian Lamo, the "Homeless Hacker" who turned himself in to Federal Authorities earlier this month. Lamo has been charged in NYC federal court with computer fraud and unlawful access.
The letters, first revealed in a report by Wired News, state that pending authorization, the FBI will issue subpoenas for the reporters' records regarding conversations with Lamo. (...)

FBI Agent Christine Howard states in the criminal complaint against Lamo that she gained information about Lamo's New York Times break-in from articles published by Securityfocus.com, Newsbytes (a Washington Post web site), the Associated Press, MSNBC.com, ComputerWorld.com and the San Francisco Weekly. Several reporters from these and other organizations have received requests from the FBI to retain all records relating to their contact with Lamo. Howard, part of the Cybercrime Task Force in the New York field office, told Wired News that "all reporters who spoke with Lamo" should expect similar letters.