Playboy syndicates Suicide Girl nudie pics

Not one of the links in this post is worksafe, but you knew that. So: Playboy online just launched a new feature, "Suicide Girl of the week." I heard about plans for the syndication launch last week from SG founder Sean in LA, and I understand this is the first time Playboy has ever syndicated another site's content nudes directly on (thanks, Michael). An interesting development, given SG's humble, indie dot-com beginnings. BoingBoing reader matt rhodes says, "You can see the thread on the SG board here and the Playboy boards are here. From what I gather, there is some degree of bitching on the Playboy boards. They don't seem to want their nudes with tattoos and piercings." The Suicide Girls may be a first for Playboy, but Playboy certainly isn't the first to syndicate Suicide Girls: Fleshbot has been featuring a SGOTW since launch.

In other news... SG is launching a bunch of new website content in a beta section called SG Newswire (think hybrid collaborative blog/news format, on music, politics, technology, etc.), plus an RSS feed for SG Newswire, and they've also got another big announcement in the works about a new offline project. If I tell you what it is, hordes of hot chicks clad solely in SG-logo underoos will swarm my office and spank me. And that would be, you know, a bad thing.