Bollywood Vanilla Coke ad which kicks ass

BoingBoing reader Vishal points us to a spectacularly cheesy Indian TV ad starring yet another one of my future husbands (look, any fella who eschews SMS for pigeon as preferred love-note carrier is alright by me).

Vishal says, "This Ad is really popular in India, and I was surprised to find that the good people at Coke have it online too (RealPlayer). It features one of the hottest young actors in Bollywood, Vivek Oberoi, and features many in-jokes to '70s Bollywood films (note, especially, the lightbulb dress in the 3rd segment, a direct lift from a classic 70's movie)."

Footnote to menswear trendwatchers: take a tip from Vivek, at left -- pink vomit prints are the new black.

Update: BoingBoing reader Berklee totally harshes my mellow by saying, "Excellent choice for a future husband, but you'll have to wait until he's done with Aishwarya Rai, I'm afraid. Meanwhile, I recommend [a 2002 film starring Oberoi titled] Company. Go rent it (or download it) and enjoy this un-Bollywood-like gangster-movie!"