US Army spamming students by phone, too

Following up on a previous BoingBoing post about the US Army sending e-mail recruitment spam to college students, Mark Miller sez:
I had previously mentioned the US Army spamming students at UT Austin. While they have done so again, even after being told that I wished no further e-mails, what has become even more bizarre is a call from +1 702-671-0040, by a pre-recorded Army Recruitment message. It gave the number for the local Army Recruitment Center here in Austin. When I called back, it noted that you could leave no messages, but to call the number stated in the message you received. Several other friends of mine have received such calls this evening.

The NPA-NXX lookup says this is a Las Vegas number.

What's even more disturbing is that my number is on the FCC's Do Not Call List.

If any reader on BoingBoing could shed some light on the new recruiting practices of the US Army, and perhaps the call center that they are calling out from, I would be appreciative.

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Reader Douglas Barnes says,

I, too got automated phone spam from the Army today; when I called to complain in, er, rather strong language, instead of apologizing or promising not to do it again, the sergeant in charge threatened to "find [me] and beat the shit out of [me]." Not a great day for Army PR.

I'm assuming they got my info from UT. A recent Third Circuit case allows universities to kick military recruiters off campus (and, one assumes, to refuse to provide databases of student information). No sign that UT would even want to do this, much less go to court for the privilege. Link to blog entry with details.

Responding to the same thread, reader Bryan Shepherd -- also a UT-Austin student -- writes, "You posted a week or so back about the army recruiting practices here at UT-Austin, so I thought you might find this interesting as well. It's an email I just received via my UT account."
From:Hood, Charles R SGT USAREC []
Subject:Special Forces Opportunities

To whom it may concern,

I am offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity to become part of America's elite. If you are always challenging yourself, highly adept at problem solving, and relentless in pursuing your goals, then a spot in the Special Forces is for you. The Special Forces soldier also known as the Green Beret is highly skilled in such arts as SCUBA diving, Parachuting, and Foreign Languages. This training along with the best equipment is what makes them the best of the best. For a limited time, the Army will offer you the opportunity to attend Infantry Basic Training, Jump School, and Special Forces Assessment and Selection. This opportunity is normally reserved for soldiers who have served for a period of 2 to 3 years, but at this time, it is available you with out any special prerequisites. I highly encourage you to take the chance and become one of America's Elite. For more Information, contact SGT Hood @ (877) 524-0211.

SGT Hood, Charles R.
U.S. Army Recruiter
(877) 524-0211 Cell
(512) 472-7616

Reader Sarah Looney writes, "I blogged on this a while back. The spam emailed to students clearly states that they are recruiting for 'a non-deployable position.' Finding this strange, I followed up with the recruiter..." Link to more on Sarah's blog.

See also this Mother Jones article: "No Child Unrecruited". The Army now has access to public school records, thanks to the No Child Left Behind act. (thanks, karen)