Coop iPod skins

These hard-shell iPod covers designed by underground art legend Coop will be available at the end of next week for $50 each. Limited edition of 100, available for many models and sizes. So. Cool. Must. Have. Now. Link to MacSkinz store where the'll be sold.

Doug from MacSkinz says, "Our artist series includes work from Glenn Barr, Andrew Bawidamann, Joe Chiodo, Brian Ewing, Jon Foster, Marc Gabanna, Dave Johnson, Frank Kozik, NeckCNS, Plankton Art, Ragnar, Jeff Soto, Miles Thompson and others."

Link to images 1, 2, 3, 4. See also this previous BoingBoing post: Coop's "Parts With Appeal" show opens at sixspace: Link (Thanks Sean!)