crash: it's only a flesh wound!

The servers behind popular mobile blogging community experienced a catastrophic failure yesterday that caused loss of user images posted from the 22nd of September through December 13. Sources close to the matter say both hosts and users are seriously bummed out. When the service is back online, new tech measures will be put in place to prevent a repeat. Meanwhile, some members are photoshopping their way out of despair (Image link).

After a night of great angst, Alfie from tells BoingBoing,

"I'm going to eat the hugest pizza in the universe when this is over. The site will be back up in the hour.

"It has however prompted us to develop new technical features. Among them -- we've now built in super redundancy so this will be impossible! to occur again. "We've received so may emails saying not to worry and I reckon most people will busily carry on, but as I said, I just feel so damn guilty."

Unlike other popular phonecam blogging services, much of's content is offered under Creative Commons license.
The giant plushie monster with laser-emitting eyes believed to be responsible for the server crash could not be reached for comment.

Update, 3pm PT: Alfie says, "We have been up and running for a couple of hours now, and have written an image app for people to be able to add lost images back into their original positions on their moblogs. It's really ace, as it seems most people have kept backups of their images, and are busily putting them back in place. Mat Brown is the code genius who got this done." Looks like the moblog code crew got their victory pizza, too: Link.

Reader Kris Ardent points us to "more info on that mysterious giant plushy monster who caused the Great moblogUK crash of ought-4. Link. Great closeup shots of Domo Kun in action (hiking with his television, hypnotizing you, surfing the creek, yelling at a gopher) here: Link."