M.I.A. for intergalactic overlord

There's an expression about entertainers -- "triple threat." It refers to someone so talented, they're equally adept in three areas, such as singing, dancing, and acting. M.I.A is a quadruple threat, because she is also adept at things like nuclear weapons and fighter jets, as you can see in this video. She totally fucking rules. My brother turned me on to her months back via a folder of freshly-burnt MP3s, and she's all over the place now. MeFi has a nice roundup post about the young Sri Lankan sensation today.
Link to QuickTime video for Galang, Link to MeFi roundup post with pointers to media coverage, Link to MIA's home page (hawks ringtones, among other things). I'm pretty sure that "Day to Day," the show I contribute to on NPR, is doing a piece about her this week...

Update: Piggy sez: "I couldn't access the mov file posted for the Galang video, so I found this link to it in Real format."

Reader F-Bomb sez:

I also had the same problem with the video link, so I found this one in Quicktime Format as well: Link.
Isaac B2 sez:
Ruben Fleischer is an incredible director who directed the M.I.A. video. You've probabyl seen hs Burger King commercial, but his video for DJ Format/MC Abdominal's "Hit Song" could be some of the finest video work I've seen in a while, featuring a great song and impressive graphics: Link
mnemesis sez:
This is link to a mashup of the M.I.A. Galang w/ the Super Mario Brothers theme. It's a bit of an improvement: Link.