I'd rather be strung up on meat hooks -- no, seriously.

Reuters covers a gathering of folks who fancy flesh suspension. Do not deride us as dude-kebabs, practitioners say; this is a lifestyle that means something to us.
Tony Troiano grimaced as he was lifted off the floor by giant fishhooks pierced through the skin on his shoulders. Within minutes, he started to spin, swing his feet and declare the painful experience "the greatest thing" ever. "I was on Cloud Nine," the Wethersfield, Connecticut teenager said as he joined fellow body suspension practitioners at an annual convention over the weekend. "It was euphoric. It was spiritual. I'd do it again today if I wasn't so sore."

Link, contains graphic images. (Thanks, Jenni).

Update: Shannon Larratt says, "There are hundreds of photos of the event there for people who want more." Link. Thanks for hooking us up, Shannon!