Ceci n'est pas un PSP

Boing Boing reader zhi yang says:
I was walking around Si-Meng-Ding in Taipei when I came across this shop. I saw that they were selling the Gameking 2 (a PSP ripoff). When the sales girl came over, I asked her whether this was the PSP even though I knew the answer but instead of trying to explain the uncanny resemblance. She said "No, this one is different, not produced by Sony. Our Gameking 2 has better games and is also much more cheaper than theirs."

Reader comment: mrbrown says,

I spotted one of these in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, in February 2005. The price tag on the one I saw said RM899, which is about USD236. A lot of money for something that doesn't play PSP games at all. But the box of the Gameking 2 also says "Fashionable Science & Technology Outlook" and "High-Brightness function and Super-Glare Imitate Color Screen". If you are into portable gaming, you will know that is really important.
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