Photos: Abandoned sattelite devoured by earth

Boing Boing reader Josh says, "These are some very eerie photos of an abandoned Earth Satellite Station in Nova Scotia. Photographer Adam Graham shot the dish both before and after it was pulled down. Apparently the whole thing is now up for sale, and there's a lot of abandoned equipment there."

Snip from Graham's blog post:

I am constantly intrigued by the interplay between nature and technology. Which is partly why I love checking back in on the space station. As it falls more and more into abandon the signs of nature reclaiming that area become more evident. Grass encroaches more and more over and through the concrete and pavement, animals have clearly bunked down in some areas of the buildings, birds building their nests under disused walkways. Sometimes when I take a picture I'll try and eliminate the technological just to focus on the nature. Sometimes I'll try to show the interplay between the two. I know it can be a tired theme but it's one that grabs my brain.
Link to one series, Link to another.

Reader Comment: David Calkins says,

Someone posted your Nova Scotia Earth Satellite station for sale.