Doll can be changed from "very slim to obese"

Designer Cristina Bisland invented an inflatable polyurethane doll called the GO-DO. Kids can inject the doll with a liquid to change the doll's body shape and size.
 Corehome Uploaded Images Adolll-714219Today, even though they are larger than their counterparts in the 50s, children are still given 50s shaped Barbie dolls to play with. If given the opportunity to decide whether their doll was to be slim or fat, which would they choose? Would they want their doll to look like them? Should we give a child that choice?

The doll is manipulated through the injection of a liquid into its hollow body, which changes its shape from very slim to obese (and vice-versa).


Reader comment: Conor says: "The linked text refers to the 50s Barbie body shape -- in fact, Barbie had a major re-do in 2000 (and thus the body is called "B2K") and today the doll is proportioned like a tall, slender woman vs. 50's bullet-boobed fembot."