Hello, Planet X

NASA announced today that astronomers have found a tenth planet -- which is larger than Pluto -- at the edge of our solar system. Link

A SF Chron article states:

Informally, the astronomers have been calling it "Xena" after the television series about a Greek warrior princess, which was popular when the astronomers began their systematic sweep of the sky in 2000. "Because we always wanted to name something Xena," Brown said...
XENA? <sigh>. Aw, c'mon guys! Where's the love? So close, and yet one vowel away.

Reader comment: John Parres says, "Water ice in crater at Martian north pole! Cool pic, check it out! Where there is H2O there is life." Link

Aki Zeta-Five says,

It's confusing, but they've actually discovered /two/ planets this week: 2003 EL61 and 2003 UB131.Link 1, Link 2. And a moon. And here's some orbital diagrams: Link 1, Link 2.