BB reader phots: Rancho Obi-Wan, bombs, squash, lo-fi carmod

Boing Boing readers are a shutter-happy lot -- you send us links to your online photo sets each day. Try as we might, it's hard to keep up with you guys! Here are four picks from this week's heap o' submissions:

Bonnie Burton says, "Here at Lucasfilm, it's well known that if you find a Star Wars collectible, chances are Director of Fan Relations Steve Sansweet already has it in his museum aptly titled, 'Rancho Obi-Wan.' Steve's museum is home to not only endless Star Wars toys, costumes, model kits, action figures and posters, but also classic film artifacts such as speeder bike and snowspeeder models, pieces of the krayt dragon skeleton, Mos Eisley Cantina creature masks (made from the original molds) and a Han Solo stunt pistol, to name just a few. It was an honor to be let in to his amazing toy habitat, and thankfully this time I ventured in with my camera." Link

Thomas Hawk says, "There was a bomb scare that shut down Market Street and the Embarcadero MUNI/BART station in San Francisco yesterday during rush hour from about 4:00pm to 5:00pm. The City remains on high alert and this is the third time in the past few weeks that transit stations have been shut down over suspected bombs. Turns out the suspected bomb was just a trash can. I took photos of the shutdown that include a close up of one of the bomb robots as well as an officer in bomb gear checking out the suspected bomb." Link

John Ulaszek says, "Here is the aftermath of a semi trailer load of squash hitting a overpass in Pennsylvania. I saw this while I was on a road trip two weeks ago." Link

Kurt says, "I saw this Dodge Diplomat low-end DIY car mod on the streets of West Los Angeles yesterday. The spoiler on the back is a wooden board attached to the trunk and painted blue to match the peeling body color. Perhaps it's a prototype." Link 1, Link 2.