Cute-surreal photo illos from Korea: Komusin

A fantastic series of photo illustrations by Korean artist Komusin. Many images involve cute little medicine pills, pieces of candy, or sushi rolls gen-bap engaging in zany hijinks and speaking in talk-bubbles.

A flickr user has copied a number of these illos and made them available here, and is the artist's website. (Thanks, Daily Pick)

Reader comment: Thanks to the many BB readers who wrote in to correct my botched food identification. Andrew Jones, who lives in South Korea, says:

that's actually not sushi. it's gen-bap or ken-bap, a Korean roll. Sushi is actually a japanese version of the seaweed and rice rolls Koreans originally invented. Oh, and genbap consists of ham sandwiched in with vegetables instead of fish like sushi rolls.
OMFG!!!11! Get your blog-foodie war on! Reader Kyungjooon Lee says:
I agree it's not sushi, but it's properly called gim-bap. And I'm sure Japanese people will write in to say that there's a lot more to sushi than just makizushi.

BTW, komusin (or gomu-shin,) means rubber shoe. Traditionally, Korean shoes were made with ropes made of dried hay. With the introduction of rubber in the twentieth century, shoes started being made of black rubber.

Nowadays old-fashioned shoes are hardly worn any more, but the mention of gomushin will likely make anyone over 30 feel nostalgia for their childhood days.