Paul Allen on the joy of vintage computer collecting


Computer Collector Magazine has an interview with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen about the importance of preserving computer history:

The most appealing aspect of [Allen’s] [computer history website] is live Telnet access to machines in Allen's personal collection -- click the "community" link to register for an account. The PDP-10 systems are the same kind that powered the original ARPANET; they reside in a Seattle warehouse and the restoration stories, along with technical tips, are fully documented on the site. The site also contains user stories, an image gallery, a history timeline, and discussion forums. will eventually expand to cover Vax systems as well, but it is not Allen's first foray into the vintage computing hobby. In October 2004 he announced funding for the Microcomputer Gallery, currently under construction at the Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Museum of Natural History & Science. For more general science history buffs, Allen also sponsors the Flying Heritage collection of World War II aircraft located in Arlington, Washington, and the Science Fiction Museum & Hall of Fame, co-located with Seattle's Experience Music Project.