Batman to hunt down Osama bin Laden

The next edition of the Batman comic will feature the superhero hunting down Osama bin Laden after Gotham is attacked by terrorists. Link (Thanks, A.V.)

Reader comment: Newsarama's Matt Brady says,

The Batman/al Qaeda thing is kinda inaccurate - Miller's working on a graphic novel that he's been "120 pages" into for at least six months now. There's no release date, and he's gung ho about it, but swamped with other work. I'll have a full transcript of the Miller panel where he talks about it, in context, up in the next couple of days. I'll have one with Grant Morrison up as well soon, which will blow people's socks off!
Reader comment: Chris Arrant says,
In the write-up, you say the "next edition"… in the zany world of comics, there's 5 different monthly batman books. None of them will have this story? What the linked article refers to his longtime cartoonist Frank Miller (and creator/co-director of Sin City) referring to an upcoming miniseries with no announced release date. He's been talking about this since 9-11, but no firm details on when it comes out. I'd hate for BoingBoing readers to knock down comic stores when they don't have this book ASAP.

Comics has a rich, and sometimes overlooked history, at confronting political things like this. Captain America fought Hitler & the 3rd Reich for years (jpeg link) back in the 1940s.. even pre-dating the U.S.'s involvement in the war.