1953 Mechanix Illustrated: "How Nuclear radiation Can Change Our Race"

Over at Finkbuilt, Steve Lodefink reprints the opening spread from a 1953 Mechanix Illustrated article, "How Nuclear radiation Can Change Our Race," that comes with a great illustration by comic book artist Kurt Schaffenberger.
Atomic Mutants “Now hear this Earth! I am Mutant Man, Homo Superior! I have been created by radiation forces out of the loins of you, the human race, after your great terrible Atom War. Yes, I am a step up and beyond you, and I am now your master for better or worse. You created me in your blind, savage, senseless war of atomic radiation. You have only yourselves to blame if I turn out to be your — Frankenstein Monster!”

Will this voice someday thunder ominously over the World from a Mutant Man, not a human being, but as far beyond us as we are beyond the ape man? Will a new race, spawned out of the hellish radiation of a World-Wide Atomic War, go on to challenge Man’s supremacy on Earth?