Illos of celebrity-animal cryptozoological hybrid monstrosities

The latest issue of NYC-based art & lifestyle mag ANIMAL includes a series of celebrity-animal hybrids called CELEBIMALS. Here's a preview, and you can download the whole mag as a PDF. Shown above, left to right: Paris Hilton Ass Ostrich (Shamelesseae Hussius), Britneyroo (Careerisoverum) and Freeloading Federline Lizard (Paraciticus Africus Wannabe Reptilia), and Bug-eyed Star Fish (Gastrica Bypassus Denialus) with Reynolds Rainbow Trout (Homosexus Closeta). While you're there, check out the article on...

Anarchy interior design by author and “Punk Shuist” Josh Amatore Hughes who cuts his couches in half and sprinkles glass on the floor.
(thanks, Bucky) hugh says,
the celebimal portraits are the work of ["14, "the same person behind] illustration/celebrity/satire blog, "gallery of the absurd".
Hugh is correct, and 14's collaborator on this project was "sex, drugs, and gossip" blogger Michael K.

Reader comments: Doyle says,
These great hybrid animals may be based on the book by legendary Czech illustrator Peter Sis called Scranimals--great stuff there, and it can be browsed on Amazon. The rhinoscerose, broccolions and pandaffodil, the radishark, all worth seeing.
John H. says,
They're like interesting Pokemon. I choose YOU, Britneyroo!
Jon Power says,
Pardon my pedantry, but in the description "Anarchy interior design by author and "Punk Shuist" Josh Amatore Hughes who cuts his couches in half and sprinkles glass on the floor.", they are using the word anarchy incorrectly. Anarchy means without leaders, and regrettably people are misled into thinking that is the same as chaos. But anarchy and chaos are different things, and we already have a word for chaos, which is 'chaos'. Josh Amatore Hughes might well be a chaotic interior designer, or even a rebellious or contrarian designer, but I fail to see how cutting furniture up indicates a society that controls itself through collective decision making without recourse to a hierarchy. Does it matter? Well, yes. Imagine you are a political campaigner, a party worker, a candidate for public office. Would you want the people to think they could do just as well without your 'leadership', or would you want the people to equate 'no-leaders' with chaos and disaster? Misusing the word anarchy, corrupting the word anarchy to confuse it with chaos is key to taking power from the people. And that is anti-democratic.