Beirut time capsule: Last magazine cover before war

Image link: the last cover of the Beirut edition of Time Out magazine before the current war broke out. (thanks, Katy)

See also this related New York Times story -- "In Beirut, Cultural Life Is Another War Casualty," by Jad Mouawad: Link.
Update: Ah, wow -- there's a fascinating story behind this magazine cover, involving two editors: one from "Time Out Beirut," the other from "Time Out Tel Aviv." Lisa Goldman, a freelance Israeli journalist, blogs:

This is the story of two men, one from Beirut and one from Tel Aviv, who met less than four months ago and formed an instant friendship. They believed that the things they had in common were far more significant than politics - until the twisted reality of the Middle East interfered with that conviction.

This is the July 20 cover of Time Out Tel Aviv, published one week after the current conflict began. It is based on a famous 1970's New Yorker cover, A View of New York from Ninth Avenue. But whereas the world beyond New York's Hudson River is portrayed as a quiet, peaceful place, the world beyond Tel Aviv's Yarkon River is one of turmoil and violence. To the right are Baghdad and Tehran; on the left are Haifa, Tiberias, Carmiel, Acre and Kiryat Shmona - areas that have been under constant bombardment since July 12. The cluster of buildings at the top is Beirut.