Iran's president taunts US... on Ahmadine-blog?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Sirs:

    Please understand that MOST Americans today are opposed to President Bush and his policies….and THAT is the GLORY of our system…that we CAN oppose our government’s policies. President Bush would like to take away that freedom of the ability to demonstrate and disagree with our government, but he cannot because it would mean the end of our current form of government and NO AMERICAN would EVER allow that. Next November ALL of his “gang” will be gone and things will change. THAT is ALSO the glory of our system.

    I was opposed to the war in Iraq from the day he attacked it. I do NOT believe in war. No war has ever REALLY changed anything for long. All wars simply lead to the next group being in power who commit the same offenses as the previous group.

    IF there is a god/Allah…..and that is a dubious concept at best, despite the prevalence of many religions in the world…all of which apparently hate one another and in so doing PROVE that there is no Allah/God – or at the very least prove through their hate that NO man is WORTHY of there being a God…..then he will punish George Bush and Dick Cheney and their “gang” in the next life for the sins they have committed. You don’t have to do a thing if you believe in Allah…for he will take care of them when they die.

    I was appalled that my country, which USED to stand for the right thing, would attack ANY country that had not attacked us first…. as did the Japanese in World War II. Certainly I DO believe that Saddam Hussein was a rotten man….who spit upon your religious beliefs, imprisoned thousands, and attacked your own country and involved it in a nearly decade-long war. But….it was NOT our business to attack HIM unless he attacked US or our allies.

    I lost a female cousin in the collapse of the Twin Towers on 911…but that was (ALLEGEDLY) because of the rather wacko Osama Bin-Laden and a small group of malcontents who called themselves Al Qaeda. Iraq did not cause the towers to collapse. Nor was it the Muslim religion. It was a bunch of idiots who were religious “fruitcakes,” of which the U.S. also has many. There are ALWAYS terrorists around in EVERY country….even yours. EVERY government sits uneasy on its throne because there are always nutjobs who think they can do a better job and as soon as they get in power they begin committing the same mistakes as the government they overthrew. That is simply the way of the world and it will never change.

    I am ASHAMED that my country has MEDDLED in mid-east affairs. And most Americans feel the same way now, which is why our current government will suffer an earth-shattering defeat in the next election.

    But you see….that IS the glory of our system. We CAN peacefully throw out a group of rulers who we think are wrong.

    I am currently ashamed that Mr. Ahmadinejad was not allowed to visit the site of the Twin Towers. That made me VERY angry and SAD….that the idiots in power who TALK about “freedom” would not allow him to pay his respects to those who died in the actions of the lunatic Bin-Laden. I thought that his request to visit the site was a GOOD thing….an HONORABLE thing. And many here feel the same way.

    Iran did not cause the towers to collapse. Our actions against Mr. Ahmadinejad would be similar to the Japanese deciding to not allow any leader from the West to pay HIS respects at the Hiroshima Memorial. I’m very saddened to think that those in my country who profess to be religious cannot LIVE what they profess to believe. I apologize for those who refused him the opportunity to honor the dead.

    On the other hand, I take issue with some of the things he has said and done. And unless George Bush has taken away the right to express my disagreement with the positions of World Leaders, I must respectfully be very negative about some of the things he has said. Perhaps he is YOUR “George Bush” in terms of some of his statements which are totally at odds with all scientific and social beliefs of the modern world. His comments that “there are no homosexuals in Iran” are as laughable to the citizens of the world as many of the comments of Bush who consistently makes ignorant statements which make HIM also appear to be a fool. That statement makes your country the laughing stock of the world. Comics here and in every country are already making fun of that statement because it is simply not true. It would be the same as your saying, “We have NO people in Iran who have dark hair…we are all blondes.” It is the most absurd statement I have heard except for similar absurdities by Bush. It sends a signal to the world that Iran must have a leader who is as ignorant and crude as Krushchiev was when he removed his shoe at the U.N. and banged it on the table in the 1950s and appeared to be an ignorant peasant instead of the head of a country aspiring to be great.

    It is your right to not grant rights to homosexuals, though you would appear to the outside world to be increasingly headed toward a minority status on that issue. But if you do not grant them rights you cannot complain if other countries decide to refuse to grant rights to Muslims. It’s the same thing. It really and truly is the same thing – an arbitrary action based in NO scientific reality.

    Homosexuality is no more a choice than being born with dark hair or blonde hair or male or female. People who pretend it doesn’t exist and that it is not part of nature appear today to be laughable FOOLS. We in the U.S. currently have the laughable situation of a Senator who was caught in a men’s room sending sexual signals to a policeman and who denies he is gay. He is the laughing-stock of the country (after Bush)…and has to resign.

    Even in muslim countries like Indonesia with its ONE BILLION inhabitants homosexuality is part of the fabric of their life. They may not all yet totally recognize legal rights in that area….but they DO allow the celebration of gay life through gay parades and allow gay restaurants and resorts like Phuket. Even in Shanghai and Hong Kong there are gay celebrations. Gay celebrations take place in Japan and in Taiwan and Thailand and Malaysia and even Vietnam. So you see…it is not just the WEST that recognizes that it homosexuality IS an inherent and NATURAL part of life on this planet.

    You need to chastise Mr. Ahmadinejad and educate him in the realities of life today. He and Bush and Cheney seem to be of the same intelligence or of the same level of education. They all appear to be either VERY stupid or VERY ignorant and are ALL laughing stocks of the world. That is NOT the image that you want to project in the world of today.

    Ban gay marriage if you wish, but in the name of ALLAH/GOD, don’t be so foolish and ignorant as to pretend you have no homosexuals in your country. You have just as high a percentage of them as any other country because it is as CREATED by NATURE as heterosexuality. It is THAT kind of statement that makes other countries (not just the lunatic Bush and company) worry that you really are NOT a “responsible” country.

    You have close ties with Russia….and yet Russia admits they have homosexuals and allows gay parades…..are you spitting in the face of Vladimir Putin??????? It would appear so.

    I think you simply need a more educated and more responsible modern diplomat at your helm. And so does the United States….and so we SHALL have in 13 more months when Bush is replaced. It would be nice to see Mr. Ahmadinejad also replaced by someone of whom you could be PROUD and who would make Iran appear to be a responsible and intelligent country, ready to accept its place in this, the “CHINESE CENTURY.” (Please remember, THIS century is NOT the U.S. century. CHINA will basically DOMINATE the world in this century as the U.S. did in the second half of the LAST century.)


    Bob Ketler

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