T-shirt: "I am not a terrorist," in Arabic


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  1. Swigsomehooch says:

    To Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous:

    The idea that freedon (sic) of speech should only protect the speech you like entirely misses the point of freedom of speech.

    Oh really? Thank you so much for clearing that up. I missed that entirely.

    Or perhaps you missed the point of my post entirely.


  2. Swigsomehooch says:

    (And to anyone who thinks I succeeded in having NOOBSAIBOT’s post removed: Hah! I have no standing or influence with the BoingBoing staff and I have no doubt that they were able to read the irony in my first comment. I do think the disemvoweling was warranted, but I wish they hadn’t deleted the comment.)

  3. Swigsomehooch says:

    Cool! Thanks! Maybe I have more power than I thought! Mwa ha ha ha!!!

    Nope. Didn’t think so. ;-)

  4. noobsaibot says:

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  5. Saltsailor says:

    Looking for a T shirt thatI saw a couple of years ago. It was written in yellow ARABIC script on a green shirt. The the translation was “I support Israeli Defnse Force4s.”

    Anybody seen this shirt. I’d sure like to get onje to wear into arab owned businesses !

  6. Anonymous says:

    to Swigsomehooch:

    The idea that freedon of speech should only protect the speech you like entirely misses the point of freedom of speech.

    Frankly I would prefer to see noobsaibot’s posting with the vowels so that I can see for myself that he is an idiot.

    Trying to understand what he said in the disemvowled form is time consuming and frustrating, but of course boingboing has a right to not even publish his posts at all. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean someone else has to publish your ideas. It just means you can.

  7. Swigsomehooch says:

    Although in theory I am in favor of “free speech” and “freedom” in general, in practice it should clearly only apply to people who deserve it. People who abuse “freedom” to “express themselves” in angry, and dare I say, “scary” [shudder] ways should have that right taken away until they prove themselves deserving, or at least learn to use their “free speech” in ways which are more acceptable to the State.

    In that spirit, I beg, nay implore you to delete the above comment by NOOBSAIBOT. She or he is not a “troll;” just someone that (sic) wants to scare the simple readers of BoingBoing.

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