Hand painted Michelin man

Coop broke in his new camera by taking some photos of a Stendhal Syndrome-inducing, hand-painted Michelin man (and a companion Michelin mutt).
200609201434 One of the things that makes me truly happy to be a Angeleno is the handpainted signage of this crazy city. Everywhere you go, there are crudely-rendered depictions of bleach bottles, Mickey Mouse, and polar bears drinking Coke. I have often thought about trying to document some of my favorites, and produce a book/art object, Ed Ruscha-style.

I drive by this tire place almost every day on my way to my studio. Of all the signage in the city, this masterpiece is the one that I always come back to, the one that just blows my mind.


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Maury says:

98600923 9Bf92Dd80B O Also a lover of handpained signage, I enjoyed the post of the Michelin man sign.

Recently in San Blas Mexico, I took a few and here's a link to a small flickr set

Attached is my fave: Tuberculosis.