eBaya obscura: "Sex Rituals in Black Magic," 1934

BoingBoing reader Danjite says,

Things one finds randomly on E-Bay. It's 1934 -- The (First) Depression Era -- the focus is on practicality, keeping fed and restimulating the economy. At least one printer was doing their share, producing this lovely, really, really attractive, Practical Guide to Sex Rituals in Black Magic. Heavily illustrated, of course, it contains such intriguing chapter headings as: "The Black Mass and it''s Orgies", "Werewolves and Vampires", "Christianity and Sexual Magic", "Incubii and Sucubii" and about a dozen others. All this in purple print and with a gold-stamped purple cover. Yum, sayeth the bibliophile!

Reader comment: JJ Merelo says,

Some of the pictures in that book seemed familiar to me, at least the ones featured in the last 3 snapshots. And yes, they are part of the "Caprichos" series of engravings by Goya. Check out this one, for instance. I think most of them can be seen in the Prado museum, but I'm not sure.
Edward says,
Abebooks has copies starting at $20.00 if you are not seeking a rare copy.