Omakase linkdump: Trick or 1337

* Above: Brain mold and icky finger cookies by forum member Tejon: Link.

* Left: Ohnoez! Robots return to to recruit more earth-children for dastardly Halloween fun and destruction. Link (via Make), and here is evidence of previous visitations.

* For Make Benefit Glorious Costume of Your Crotch: Wear Borat's thong for Halloween, if you dare. Link.

* Soylent green is people wearing a lovely chrysoprase pendant: Link

* Crafty li'l hobgoblins made out of unused tampons. Cute bats and ghosts, but beware: icky tampon puns (tam-puns?) on this page. Link.

* What horrible Edward Gorey death will you suffer? Link.

* Someone out there thinks it's cute to dress a child as a suicide bomber for Halloween: Link.

* Someone out there thinks it's cute to dress an adult as a flaming carrot for Halloween: Link.

* Imperial Klingon pumpkin, with cat: Link.

* Zombie pumpkins: neat stencils for jack-o-lanterns. Link.

* October 28 in Los Angeles: Day of the Dead in Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where Johnny Ramone and many great icons of music, TV, and film are buried. Link to event info.

* Web Zen: candy zen, with links to many nifty candy websites: Link.

(thanks, Scott Beale, Joseph Francis, Jessica, Miss Cellania, Cliff, matt mangum, mapletree7, Steve O, Jennifer , Magnus, anonymous, )

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Reader comment: mrdeadworry says,

This jack-o-lantern looks like a Cylon complete with sweeping red light with all the directions for you to do yourself. Link