BBC will use BitTorrent to distribute 100s of TV episodes

The BBC today announced that it will make hundreds of episodes of various shows available via BitTorrent, using high-def file-sharing software service from tech company Azureus.
Azureus is best known for developing a BitTorrent client, or program, that allows large media files to be easily shared over the internet. The program has been downloaded more than 130 million times. Earlier this month the company launched a video sharing site similar to YouTube, codenamed Zudeo. The site allows users to upload and view content. However, in contrast to most video sharing sites, Zudeo offers high definition videos. Users must also download a program to access and upload content.

The new deal means that users of the software will be able to download high-quality versions of BBC programmes, including Red Dwarf, Doctor Who and the League of Gentleman. Classic series such as Fawlty Towers will also be available through a BBC "channel".


Reader comment: Mathew says,

Unfortunately, the BBC content they are planning to distribute via BitTorrent is going to be DRMed, so the announcement is a lot less interesting than it at first seems: Link.