Battelle revisits his own tech predictions for 2006

Oh, anyone can prognosticate for the year ahead -- but few have the cojones to look back with a straight face on their own predictions from the year past. BB's business manager John Battelle does exactly that, each year, and here's a snip from his self-critique for 2006:
As you all know by now, each year I prognosticate, and each year I judge how I did. This year, well, I have to say, if the only thing I got right was that Time was going to put Web 2.0 on the cover ("You" was a proxy for that, trust me), I'd be happy. But overall, I think I did OK, though I was a bit early on many things. Here's the rundown.
Link to "2006 predictions: How'd I do?"

Image: Bart Nagel.

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