Silent but deadly: DREAD centrifuge-powered weapon


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  1. Anonymous says:

    No recoil?

    Pass physics 101, please. To dumb it down for dummies, imagine having two slings ala David and Goliath. Both slings are 180 degrees apart and rotating in the same direction, say clockwise.

    Now – release just *one* of the slings but not the other. Will the other sling now exert a force?

    That’s your recoil.

    If you only have one sling, there is still recoil, your body in that case is the counter balance.

    Now if you release both slings at the same time, there will be no recoil, but considering you probably don’t want to kill the user of the weapon who is presumably behind it to aim or any hapless soldiers who happen to be in the trench behind you ducking shrapnel from the enemy, this is probably an unwise design decision.

    Now even ignoring all that, releasing the projectile would immediately throw the rotational disk out of balance. At a high rate of rotation, the vibration from that would force the operator to drop the weapon, or possibly destroy the motor. It would certainly create a lot of wear on the machinery in any case.

    I would also like to point out that turning the weapon would present a challenge due to the high torque that would have to be involved to get the necessary energy – so good luck aiming it unless the target happens to be in the plane of rotation.

    I love the US – you can patent nearly anything, because the people that work at the USPTO are nothing but a bunch of college grads, that have no real background in science and are mostly a bunch of inexperienced and useless lawyers.

    Leave engineering to the engineers.

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