Miracle fruit alters sense of taste


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  1. Ben says:

    I purchased my first my first miracle fruit(bush)in 1990. Just remember that they like heat humidity, and acidic soil. They bear well and this will enable you to have tasting parties without postage and excessive postage costs.
    I must admit I am in Australia and they are available here but if you can get yourself a plant you are way ahead.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m trying to put together a list of tasting parties nationwide. If you know of any, let me know.

    –Miracle Fruit Fan
    Miracle Fruit Fans

  3. Chimpo says:

    You can now get Miracle Fruit in Europe, the (albeit expensive) berries can be bought from the obvious .co.uk URL. Also the Fruit has begun to make an appearance on sex forums as a ‘taste-improver’ (use your imagination) as the fruit cancels sour and unpleasant flavours in favour of sweeter ones this could be quite a hit. Though I have to admit I haven’t tried it for that, yet ;)

    I Love BoingBoing

  4. foreverbliss says:

    Yeah this fruit is fantastic i tried the berries first then the tablets which seemed to last longer as the tablets have 3 berries worth inside, i then got myself a plant from http://www.miraclefruithut.com in which it arrived to me quickly, they are a great experience and i enjoy showing others the joys of the miracle berry!

  5. savorycharacter says:

    I’ve only tried the tabs since every place I go to has the berries on backorder, not to mention they’re a little more pricey. I’ll be working on cultivating my own miracle fruit for personal use, and I’ll be updating my progress on my blog.

    Thanks Boing Boing!