Pentagon Sued Over Milblog-Monitoring

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Defense, "demanding expedited information on how the Army monitors soldiers' blogs," according to an announcement from the digital rights group.

Here is a PDF copy of the EFF complaint about the Army Web Risk Assessment Cell: Link (thanks, Marcia Hofmann/EFF).

Noah Shachtman at Defensetech has been diligently covering this story, long before anyone else was aware of it -- he has more on the legal battle here: Link.

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    IMAGE: The author of milblog "Midnight Casket" is 25-year old Alabama native Jeff Barnett, shown here. He is a mechanical engineer with the US Marines most recently deployed in Fallujah, Iraq. Jeff is also a huge gamer, and particularly into XBOX360 and Halo. Check out this cool gaming forum he hosts: Link.

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