Creationist Archie comic

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Shannon says:
These are scans of an issue of "Archie's Parables." In it, good Christian/old west sheriff Archie starts up a Christian book store to help offset the evil of evolution being taught in school and the "filthy books" being sold at the trading post.
The worst thing of all about this story, if you ask me, is the lousy attempt at drawing Dan Decarlo's sexy versions of Betty and Veronica. Link

Reader comment:

A Boing Boing reader says:

Saw the creationist Archie link this morning, reminded me of a more entertaining homage.

Eugene says:

The Archie comic you posted on Boing Boing earlier today contains more than mere creationist blather. The references to teachers having "...their hands full ever since they started to bus students across the prairie" and students acting like monkies seem to be intended as a rather nasty (and racist) attack on the desegregation busing schemes implemented in a number of American school districts during the 1970s. It really dates the comic. (I think this is actually worse than the inept Dan Decarlo ripoffs, but that's just me.)