Proposal to buy back corrupt Alaskan legislators

Arlo says: "Alaska residents have watched with interest as the first (of many) legislators indicted on bribery charges was convicted today."

In response, Alaska Robotics made a funny short film with an interesting proposal to let the citizens control the government.

Picture 5-20 The base salary for an Alaskan legislator is around $24,000 a year. Per diem, expense accounts, and other forms of income bring the average pay to about $75,000. This apparently isn't enough to get by since law makers have to rely on consulting jobs and outright bribes to make it through the year.

Our proposal? Buy back the legislature and put them to work for the citizens of Alaska.

Alaskan citizens are asked to fork over $15 a year apiece. This money would be used to increase the salaries of a supermajority of legislators to about $250,000 a year, which is how much a corrupt special interest group has to fork over to rent a legislator for a year. Link