Video: Justine Dream

YouTube Link or Veoh Link to an experimental short video featuring adult performer Justine Joli, by Clayton James Cubitt. (Mildly NSFW, I guess, blurry breasts) (thanks, Susannah Breslin)

UPDATE: What a disappointment, the video has been taken down by YouTube. Honestly, I don't understand that move at all. The image was so stylized and blurry, the model could have been wearing a flesh-colored leotard for all you can tell. It wasn't porn, she looks like a Greek statue, rotating on a pedestal. (sigh). Clayton says,

YouTube's tag on the deleted breast-dangerous video now reads: "Rejected (content inappropriate)"

Fear not, though, you can still see lots of police chases and Iraq bombings.

UPDATE 2: Clayton uploaded the short film to Veoh: Link. "We'll see if Veoh is any more art-friendly," he says. "I tagged it 18+ so people have to nanny 'agree' before seeing the deadly blurred boobies."

UPDATE 3: YouTube has restored access to the video, and it's also on Veoh. Thanks, YouTube.