The only thing in the world I hate more than Crocs are Uggs. Evidently, the two have mated, spawning this vile demon bastard footwear spotted recently in Houston. Where it is 100 degrees. (Thanks, Katie)

Reader comment: Samir M. Nassar says,

I might not be a proud Crocs owner, but my feet are happy. I work a twelve-hour night shift at a hospital. This entails lots of walking to and fro. After years of suffering at the hands of sneakers and tennis-shoes I put down my money for a pair of Crocs and my feet have been singing the praises since.

For the record, mine are black, and don't have the stupid holes on top and I do cringe when I see them worn out in the street. Tacky!

Brett Burton says,
How did you miss the opportunity to make one of the nearly limitless puns available for your Cruggs post? Say No To Cruggs, Don't Get Hooked on Cruggs... Crugg Abuse ? Anyway, thanks for helping raise Crugg Awareness. It's good to see Boing Boing doing it's part to aid in Crugg Prevention.
  • Crocs banned in Swedish hospital for generating a "cloud of lightning"
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    1. I have good things about Crocs being comfy and good for people who are on there feet all day. But, the company sucks for not making anything above a Mens U.S. size 13. What are us with big feet who stand up all day to do. We are the ones that need it the most we got more feet to be sore then you small foot person. ;-)

      PS I wear a size 16 and finding anything that is good for ‘all day on your feet’ is imfingpossible.

    2. There are bits of clothing or equipment that are needed or useful to some jobs. Sometimes these items are butt-ugly. I know that some folks really need the best, most comfortable and sometimes water-indifferent footwear possible for their jobs. It’s when folks revel in them that makes me twitch. Wearing crocks out in publick ‘cuz you wanna’ is like wearing a hard hat to dinner. Everyone would think you’re an asshat for having a reflective jogging vest on while you’re in the grocery store. Well, that how most of us see people with Crocks. If you’re in SCRUBS and wearing Crocks at the grocery store, I’d assume you just got off shift and are heading home. It’s OK. You’re normal.

      Anyone caught with Uggs ANYWHERE should be banished from polite society, given a set of dinner plate sized sun glasses, have their panties taken away and sent to live with Paris Hilton.

    3. I have never understood why there are holes in them. They are rubber, therefore waterproof, but the holes let in the water anyway. Where can I find ones with no holes? Winter is coming soon.

    4. Don’t own ’em, may never, so I’m just guessing, but I think the holes are there so your feet can breathe. They are rubber, after all.

    5. I’ve noticed that, here in Florida, at least, girls wear those awful Uggs with the skimpiest short shorts you will ever find. Thus have we coined a new phrase for them: Eskihos.

    6. If you want comfortable footwear, go with combat boots. I know most people attach a stigma of uncomfortableness to boots, but if you get a good pair of combat boots they are better then any footwear available, and a hell of a lot more durable. And if you pick the write kinds and wear pants, they don’t even look like boots.

    7. im not sure i understand.
      to me crocs seem like a summer/beach shoe.
      if i owned them i would wear them to the beach.
      uggs, to me at least, seem very warm. and if i owned them i would probably wear them when i wanted my feet to stay warm, like in the snow.

      so now, all i have to ask about Cruggs is


    8. If you knew how much my son loved his Crocs you would understand the craze. PEOPLE of all ages LOVE these shoes. Maybe you all need a life and stop worrying about whether they are for you or not! I’d buy the Cruggs and the original Crocs any day of the week!

    9. I’m from Santa Cruz, everyone wears uggs all the time everywhere all year long with swim suits on the beach downtown…uggs aren’t a fad for Cruzers, y’all just fixated on ’em, and one thing: they last forever and I will always have a pair even if they’re falling apart (which mine are, finally.) Gawd, if you don’t like ’em, wear something else, y’all are such fashionistas about the shoe fetish thing. Hey, how ’bout some flip-flops? Now there’s a rare piece of footwear…go after that crew.

    10. Uggs are like a hug for your feet, and I love mine. They’re ugly but cozy and perfect here in New England. Stop hating, would ya?

    11. yeah yeah!
      Take on the flip floppers…now there’s a lame peice of footwear…UNLESS YOU’RE ON THE BEACH!!! Fad started by Queer Eye.

      I said I would never wear a pair of crocs but I gotta tell ya, the feet are happy.

      it’s the scourge of our country this,
      “you need to stop this or that doing this because we don’t like it!”

      live and let live brothers and sisters…wear what you want but if you never tried a pair for a day…you just don’t understand.

    12. Dead, dead, dead.

      (Those who come in later won’t see the two pieces of blatant spam that precede Takuan’s comment.)

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