Miss S.C. Teen USA's geography pop quiz

Picture 1-95People magazine created a geography video quiz starring YouTube sensation Miss South Carolina from the Miss Teen USA pageant. Link

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    1. I’m sure we’ve all had that idiotic moment not knowing what to say when the cameras are rolling and the lights are so bright that the audience can’t even be seen. Miss SC was obviously coached on world issues but had no idea of context; I have to say that I like the recovery. She’s an idiot but I think I’d like her staff.

    2. “Which of the seven Canary Islands is located closest to Africa?” Are they for real? Her question was relating to finding your own country on a map, not relative location of seven islands on another continent!

    3. You have to love how she even manages to bungle reading the cue-cards. “Marking it the largest… archipelagic country on Earth? Yeah.”

      What a dummy!

    4. You have to love how she even manages to bungle reading the cue-cards. “Marking it the largest… archipelagic country on Earth? Yeah.”

      What a dummy!

    5. Do they come any dumber? I’ve been parodying the crap out of her – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX30TMFaIys

      Her appearance on the Today show was really..such as…like…uh…South Africa and Dierak rolled into one – “Personally my friends and I, we know EXACTLY where the United States is on our map” (as she points to China).

    6. The only thing I enjoy more than schadenfreude is watching someone taking humiliating situation and flipping it around.

    7. She’s actually handling it all pretty well, I think. Poor kid. She’s just a teenager, and she’s probably never been rewarded for anything other than her looks in her entire life.

      Anyway, my favorite reaction to the Maps for US Americans kerfuffle is this:


      Because the children of American need maps.

    8. What do you expect for a 17 or 18 year old girl? If she told the truth . . . “1 out of 5 American’s can’t recognize the U.S. on a map because (1) they don’t pay attention in class and why should they when silly people like Paris Hilton run Hollywood (not literally so please don’t make stupid comments about this) and we all know she barely made it out of High School. (2) The educational system in this country is shot to hell and frankly 1 out of 5 kids probably didn’t get a geography lesson (never less a geography class) in all the 13 years of schooling the US provided. (3) 25% of Americans don’t care, ’cause they aren’t traveling out of the US anyway — have you seen the statistics for how many US citizens have passports?

      Now, if she had said all that (which is the TRUTH) do you think she would have had a chance of winning? They would have been totally upset if she sprouted the truth.

      And then, you have to think how ironic, they probably asked the 1 out of 5 that can’t find the US on the map. And she can’t find it all because of the reasons stated above.

    9. So, I did the quiz… 4 out of 7 (not bad, but considering that I like geography… ouch)… I got the question with Canary Islands right, but this is what the ‘final evaluation’ was:

      “You may know where the Rio de la Plata is, but the Canary Islands had you all tripped up. Open an atlas and try again – and keep checking PEOPLE.com for new pop quizzes every week.”

      Anyways, I don’t understand this media defense of her stupidity… She appears on NBC Today Show and the hosts say something like, “Yeah it happens to us all the time.” Oh, I don’t think so… It was nothing like a funny blooper, but rather some pathetic raving… And now this… People.com tries to defend her stupidity based on the fact that most of the people won’t know which desert in the world is the driest… What a nuthouse!

    10. She’s handling it well because she’s getting a ridiculous amount of attention. How she reacts to each answer on the quiz is even more irritating. What kind of example is this to set for our children? “Here, act dumb, but cute, and people will like you.”

    11. Now that I think about it, I am a little disturbed at how amused I was by these quiz videos. I cracked up every time she gratuitously smiled a fraction of a second before each clip ended.

      IMHO, the fact that she does not take herself too seriously, and agreed to do this quiz thing after that embarrassing video of her became such a huge deal, means she’s not so bad after all. I kinda admire people who are confident enough to make fun of themselves.

    12. The comments from people attacking her for choking on the question are more ridiculous then her answer.

      No one seems to even question the 20% statistic because it ‘must be true, those ditsy Americans!’. And those who take it at it’s word without truely thinking have decided to liken the girl who choked (and apparently Paris Hilton from the above comments) more to the 20% then the sorry mass of welfare case with five kids who have never been able to hold a job… it’s sad that the 18 year old wasn’t able to take the stage and the padgent by turning the question into the problem of literacy in America (she would hopefully have been able to answer that to the satisfaction of the jerks who are truely attacking her and not just poking fun in the true sprit of the interwebs) but that’s not really expected, no one who comments on boingboing has opted to take the stage either.

      What’s frightening are the screaming masses of seemingly literate people who are incapable of seeing the statistic for what it is: 20% of Americans live in squalor and cannot function on even the lowest levels that we can possibly imagine being real. What’s overwhelmingly upsetting are those who cannot fathom the existence of the true lower class and contribute the statistic not to the unfortunate but to ditsy rich white girls, and then further complain about miss teen ‘setting a bad example’ when they are doing something much worse: further ignoring the real, and almost unimagineable problems we actaully face, you know, the truth, not the dilluted: ‘20% of americans are so well off and secure that they don’t need to know where the US is!’ which is easily a trillion times better then the truth.

      according to the UN: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_literacy_rate the US is probably well off compared to Italy, and much much better then Israel, we’re completely destroying Kuwait in comparison, and there’s no hope that Nepal will even come close in the next 50 years. What does this say about the world? And what does this say about the Jerks not just ‘poking fun’ but seriously pouring derision out onto this girl? More then 83% of HUMANS are functionally illeterate (my made up statisitc, 1/3rd of americans are functionally illeterate, and they’re tied for first in literacy at 99.9% literate according to the UN).

      Sure it’s fun to say how stupid this girls is for not being able to find the right answer, but honestly did you?

      – Spoon

    13. Heh. Her answer for Question 1 is wrong. The driest place on earth is in Antarctica.

      One interior region of the Antarctic is known as The Dry Valleys. These valleys have not seen rainfall in over two million years, and 100 mph Katabatic winds evaporate all moisture on the surface.

    14. So to defend herself and claim she isn’t stupid she reads random facts out of an atlas?
      This is pitiful. It’s not like they asked her an actual knowledge question, it’s an opinion she danced around.
      The worst part is that she holds up the atlas, admitting that she doesn’t know it either.

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