Anatomical knee-socks

Loving these anatomically correct knee-socks -- they remind me of Grade Six Hallowe'en skeleton costumes. Link (via Neatorama)

See also: Detailed anatomical t-shirts


  1. I love these socks, I used to wear them. I was
    pretty comical sometimes. The sillier they were
    the better.

  2. The bottom of the sock appears to have organs on it. Are these pressure points for acu(puncture|pressure)?

  3. The other post seems to have been deleted, so I thought I’d post the comment I wanted to make until someone else made the (exact!) same comment there, but I see not here.

    Sock Dreams sells a few different “anatomy themed” socks, and they do free shipping.
    You can find all of them in the Halloween category ( for around 13$/pair but my favorite is this Skeleton Over The Knee ( which is only $12 :)

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