Safe toys you can make


3 Responses to “Safe toys you can make”

  1. Anonymous says:

    meanwhile, all your felt and other materials are still made in china. better still is to grow your own sheep to make your own felt, thread and stuffing.

  2. Kingdom Of Awesome says:

    Yeah I make my own plush toys for fun, enough to consider myself pretty proficient in sewing, and I don’t think I’d give my crafts to kids. Especially young ones who chew. Who knows what sorts of dyes go into cottons and felts.

    Maybe if you purchase baby blankets or something from a reputable dealer, and make toys out of that material it would be okay.

  3. Stacyj says:

    How cute – those Ron and Hermione dolls in particular are more appealing than any factory-made onces I’ve seen =) Though I fear that anything I myself might try to make would inevitably end up being far more hazardous than any of those recalled toys; alas for my lack of “making” skills …

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