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Image: The epic Bollywood dance number "Jan Pehechaan Ho," via WFMU. See also this Primus vs. Jan Pehechaan Ho mashup vid: Link.


  1. Also, “jan pehechaan ho” is used in the best possible way at the beginning of Terry Zwigoff’s movie Ghost World.

  2. Comment on “Stronger”:
    They flew all the way to Japan to make that video, but couldn’t afford to hire someone to proofread their writing. I’m pretty sure that they meant for the Japanese writing in the video to spell “Stronger”, but they got one letter wrong and instead it says “Stosoga”.

  3. The bummer about “Jan Pehechaan Ho” is that it has nothing to do with the plot of the movie it appears in (Gumnaam, not Ghost World). I was really hoping for an explanation for the masks…


  4. I always wanted to see Gumnaam, if only to figure out how that splashy, upbeat dance number fits into what is (unless I’ve been terribly misinformed) a horror movie.

    I’m not a huge fan of Bollywood (mostly because I don’t have the stamina for it), but LOVE the music. I have several compilations of music from Bollywood movies from the 1960s-1980s.

  5. @Anonymous, re “Jan Pehechaan Ho” — yeah, actually i think the song, the audio, does appear in Ghost World as Sander says! But of course, it originated in Gumnaam as you rightly state. @cior, I agree!

  6. Xeni is the Mistress of Web Zen.
    I come a few nights later to see these again and lo, there’s an encore from the comment section. Bravo, Saltpeter!

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