Creepy-cool anatomical and medical art auction at Christies, Oct. 5

Joanna says,

The collection of a doctor named Dean Edell -- who collected artwork related to anatomy -- is up for sale at Christie's in New York on October 5th.

The name of the auction: "Anatomy as Art: The Dean Edell Medical Collection." The collection for sale includes a bunch of really difficult to find big-wigs of the genre like Ruysch and Fritz Kahn; you can even buy 19th C anatomical waxes.

Some of the images on the Christie's website are really shocking, especially the full color close up painting (?) of hermaphroditic genitals. Some are just beautiful in a macabre kind of way. has a bunch of the best images cherrypicked (Link 1, Link 2); more to be found on the Christie's site.