Machinima for Dummies

Matt sez, "Machinima for Dummies by Hugh Hancock and Johnnie Ingram has just gone on sale. These guys have an unalloyed passion for the machinima field (in fact Hugh coined the term for better or worse), and created the CC-licensed machinima feature film, BloodSpell. This book sees them preaching the gospel for a larger audience with a 'howto' guide." Link to Machinima for Dummies, Link to website for Machinima for Dummies (Thanks, Matt!)


  1. I saw Hugh speak at the TV Unfestival in Edinburgh.
    He’s incredibly passionate about this, as you’d expect. The amount of effort that these guys have to put in is amazing. I’m really interested to see how the genre evolves. I just hope the brain drain towards the games industry doesn’t kill it.

  2. Hi – one of the authors of the book here.

    “Machinima” is pronounced MA – SHIN – EE – MA.

    And it’s the artform of making films using real-time 3D engines, usually using puppeteering techniques rather than frame-by-frame animation, and usually using a game engine.

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