Emily Post's great-great grandchildren bring her book on etiquette up to today's more inclusive standards

Ever have trouble getting someone's pronouns right? Or understanding the rules for hugging in a Covid/post-#MeToo world? Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning have got you covered. They are keeping the family business alive by giving their great-great grandmother's book a modern makeover. Under their hands, the centennial edition of Emily Post's Etiquette is a complete overhaul, and includes topics crowdsourced from callers to their Awesome Etiquette podcast.

Lizzie told Associated Press, "I think mostly that it's really easy to paint etiquette and manners as tools for elitism, tools for secrecy, tools for exclusion. And when they are used that way, and they definitely can be, they are effectively useless. But when we're using etiquette and manners as a tool for self-reflection and awareness of others, I think we're really going to have a chance to make the world a nicer place."

The book covers:

Etiquette classics like table manners, gift-giving, thank-you notes, greetings and introductions, and everyday conversation

How to be a good host and a good guest, from handling invitations and setting yourself up for success to plus-ones and dealing with mishaps

Tech etiquette including video meetings, parties and classes, and how to politely handle devices, home security, and AI

Managing hard times, from what to say (and what not to say), to the tradition of condolence notes and how to offer support following a death, miscarriage, or tragedy

Tipping practices in the age of rideshares, tough times, and ever-prominent payment screens.

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