Bookcase built into chair

Dear Lord, I have such a case of bookcase lust over this chair, with its integrated bookcases and lamp. The fact that you can pick it up from behind and wheel it around like a wheelbarrow just makes it all the cooler. Someday, I will have a library of my own and it will be filled with furniture like this. Link (via Neatorama)

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  1. I can see how this could be a great solution for me. I have books everywhere in my living room. That would make it neat.

  2. Conceptually I love it (my wife and I are always looking for ways to wedge more books into our living space).

    Realistically though it looks like one of the least comfortable, un-child-safe pieces of furniture one could wish to own.

  3. Bit of a design flaw, considering that the books will fall out of the arm-rests when you wheel the thing around.

  4. Does four things, none of them well.
    – dim light
    – limited storage
    – uncomfortable seat
    – wobbly transport
    Looks like something Rand Peltzer from “Gremlins” would invent (cf. the “Bathroom Buddy”).

  5. It should have non-slip material lining the bottom of each shelf so the books don’t fall out. And since it’s been such a big deal lately, I’m wondering if the lamp is an incandescent or a CFB…

  6. It didn’t come out as well as I hoped, but here’s a replica for Second Life! I’m kind of a bilbiophile (I’ve been making/collecting books on SL) so this made a good building project for me. I’m going to work on improving it in the 2.0 version with the lamp (which I forgot) and maybe the trim (Not sure how to do that except to either use lots of parts, or make my own texture).

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