Fake sunroof for car

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"Do you want your car to have the look of a real sunroof? You can install it in 5 minutes!! Extremely fashion and new aparent sun roof, made of a sticker that will give any car the image of a real sunroof."

The winning bidder at eBay paid $24.99 + $6.15 postage. (Via haha.nu)


  1. where does it say $61 for shipping?
    the eBay shipping calculator gave me under $6 for USPS shipping to my zip code.

  2. The “Car Guys” had a laugh about this one last weekend.

    They suggested it would be a good thing to slap on a car you were trading in.

    How about decals that make your real headlights look like fake NASCAR headlights?

  3. I seem to remember seeing fake solar panels for the top of your house. I thought I saw it on BB, but couldn’t find it in the archives.

  4. This reminds me of the holes that Coyote used to move around on the Road Runner….too bad it doesn’t work the same way.

  5. it would be fun to stick this to a friend’s car whil he is in a store, then when he comes out, he won’t think it is his car.

    Well, that’s the only useful thing I could come up with.

  6. The first thing that I thought of when I read this was the “Cheech and Chong” movie where Cheech applies a bunch of magnetic fake windows and other crap to the inside and outside of his van to transform it from a work van to a pimped-out (or whatever the 70’s term is) van.

  7. That would be an awesome practical joke.

    Imagine coming out of your house and seeing a sunroof on your car.

  8. Wow, the first sunroof designed especially for Oregon! Guaranteed, it will never leak! No soaked drivers seat and you with the embarassment of looking like you wet your pants after a hard night’s winter downpour.

  9. This is actually very practical.

    Anyone who has owned an older car with a moonroof where the drainage tubes degraded and began to leak knows how much of a pain this problem is to fix. You basically have to disassemble the entire body to replace the tubes.

    Slap a magnetic “fake moonroof” on there, and you’ve got a custom seal, with plus aesthetics.

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