Woman jailed for serving salty burger to police officer

Leslie says: "A McDonald's worker in Georgia was arrested after serving a burger with too much salt to a police officer in the drive-thru. The next time I am served bad fast food, I'm going to try calling the cops and see what happens!"
The drama started early Friday when [employee Kendra Bull] said she accidently dumped too much salt on a burger she was preparing for herself. A co-worker tried to remove the salt, and Bull said she told a supervisor about the heavy dose of condiment.

The supervisor acknowledged the salt, she said, but still put the patty on the officer's bun, Bull said. The supervisor denied Bull's account when questioned by police.

Asked why someone would try and salvage the burger, Bull said she wasn't sure.

"They've been saying we've been wasting too much meat," she said.

The police officer said that after he ate the burger, he nearly threw up. Bull wonders why the officer didn't he throw it away after taking a bite? By the way, the McDonald's gives free meals to the police who eat there. Lots of articles here


  1. As an aside, in California officers are trained to refuse freebies. If a restaurant were to not charge a cop for food the cop would be expected to leave money adequate to pay the bill. While legal for a restaurant to have a freeby policy for police it is against training for police to accept such things. I’ll be interested in how this case turns out, especially if it goes to jury trial.

  2. Hypernatremia can be caused by excess salt, or hyperkalemia if they’re using a salt substitute which contains potassium, either of which can potentially be fatal. Though I think you’d notice it if you were eating THAT much salt. There have been cases of child abuse where the child died from eating something that was intentionally and greatly oversalted.

    So I wouldn’t downplay it too much. If you accidentally dump a tub of salt into someone’s food, it probably qualifies as reckless endangerment to serve it to them.

  3. You know it’s coming, so I might as well be the one to ask:

    Was she charged with a salt?

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  4. Does it really hurt that much to simply make the following request?

    “Excuse me, but it appears that my burger has been previously salted. Would it be okay to get a replacement burger?”

  5. Mr Cynic
    you failed to live up to your name. After all Cynicism emphasizes two principles: the absolute responsibility of the individual as the moral unit, and the autocracy of the will.

    if you have Hypernatremia and are eating at fast food you are one dumb mother F@#&^%.

    is he trying to audition for the Darwin awards?

    But the real question when did it become illegal to to give away hamburgers to police who want them?

  6. Stop giving cops freebies! Jesus! It’s just another form of graft, for Chrissakes. Let them pay for their burgers like everyone else!

  7. This is just too ridiculous beyond belief. If the hamburger was too salty, why didn’t the cop simpy ask for another one? Instead, he eats the damn thing, throws up and then arrests this McDonald’s employee.

    God! If this is the state of this country, no wonder we’re going to the dogs!

  8. Fast food is much like scratch-off lottery tickets: it’s a “stupid” tax. You’re paying someone to poison your body and make you a fatass.

    (Though I recognize the cop gets his salt-burgers for free.)

    Anyway, even though I don’t know all the facts of the matter, it would appear that the officer is 1) an idiot, and 2) waaaay too puffed-up in self-importance. Of course, those traits make him an average police officer for Georgia (I’m in Atlanta).

    Normally this would be a cops-being-jerks issue, but for me it’s also a taxpayer issue: this moron’s department wants to have the state crime lab test the burger. Are you freaking kidding me? Not with my money, jerk.

  9. I wouldn’t worry about the cost of testing the burger. In a couple of years, the cop will be able to shoot the suspect on site, without trial. That should streamline the process considerably.

  10. Antinous – actually, now that I think about it, I’m surprised he didn’t rush into the kitchen and taze this woman. From my understanding, modern day police procedure is to taze someone at the slightest provocation, and then ask questions later. If necessary. For the paperwork.

  11. “Please accept five pounds of frozen shrimp”
    “This shrimp isn’t frozen. And it smells funny.”
    “Okay, 10 pounds.”
    “Woo hoo!”

  12. …Jeez, doesn’t that pg Cp realize there are dying salt vampire children on M-113 who’d kill for just a taste of that excess salt?

    Bottom Line: speaking as one who grew up in food service – which is why work with either TV production or computers for three decades now – it’s not rocket science, and those flipping burgers are not rocket scientists. Ergo, before you bite down, make sure the dipshit cooked your order to your specs. Otherwise, take it back and get a refund(*).

    (*) Refuund, not replacement. Why? About half the inbreds working in fast food joints get really offended if you notice that they fucked up your order, and the odds are high they’ll actually spit in your food in revenge for having made them do twice the work to get you fed. Every single fast food manager who reads BB will no doubt claim this *never* happens, but you can bank on it that it does. I’ve personally seen it done.

  13. There are some things missing from this story.

    In another story I read, he didn’t finish the burger; it was sent off for testing. It is pretty telling that he didn’t even finish the burger and he got ill. Although I do think this response was a bit overboard.

    Just playing devil’s advocate.

  14. I used to work for a fast food company as a teenager. Most nights, there were only two of us in the store. Cops would come in and demand free food, threatening us if we balked. For every sandwich we gave them, we were docked the cost of the bread from our salaries. When you’re only make $5.15 an hour, that’s a huge deal. I try to remember that most police officers are not bad people, but daaaamn, my experiences growing up made me outright fear them.

    A few years ago, I went back to my neck of the woods for a friends’ 10 year reunion. Two of his classmates were now local cops. Late into the evening, they offered me cocaine, noting that they had grabbed it off of some punkass kid. Some things don’t change. But I guess that’s why some people in small towns grow up to be cops. Le sigh.

  15. I’m surprised no one mentioned the case where the girl at Wendy’s was accused of pocketing a police officer’s $20, when a security camera clearly shows that he handed her a $10. He pepper-sprays her and then arrests her:

  16. Looking at the smoking gun police report it says that the cop only took three bites, and then inspected the burger noticed that it was covered in salt, the lettuce and tomato included and appeared to be done purposefully. Not to say that the cop can’t be a lying dick head, but if true it doesn’t exactly jive with the idea that the salt got mixed in with the meat accidentally.

  17. I went once to Carl’s Jr. to grab a burger and when I came home, I found there was no meat patty in it. Whole evening ruined… So, should I have called police? Wow… Maybe I should have even pulled out a lawsuit since I was at risk of starving to death due to the absence of a protein-full patty.

    Don’t police have anything better to do?

  18. There’s a Huddle House around here that actually has a menu with special prices for police officers, complete with a cheery piece of clip-art at the top. Nearly made me sick when I noticed it.

    I never thought about stuff like that much until one night, sitting behind a police car in a McDonald’s drive-thru, I heard the officer berate the poor employee working the window for offering him free food. “I don’t accept free food!” The worker explained it was the general policy for that restaurant.

  19. Does this story strike anyone else as being really frightening? How is this an example of misdemeanor reckless conduct? I’m rather perturbed by the prospect of being arrested for some inconsequential slight (be it real or perceived) that may befall a peace officer when I’m around.

    This is yet another great example of why I always go out of my way to avoid cops, since I’m constantly convinced they’re out there to get me. “What’s that? A guy walking down the street in weird clothes? Let’s go bother him!” or “A guy with a camera is taking pictures of buildings, let’s harass him!” I’ve dealt with similar situations all throughout my life and things like this only bolster my belief that that old 60s axiom still holds true: don’t talk to cops!

  20. As the brother of a police officer, I can tell you that giving free food to police officers is illegal. Many places do it none the less, even if police officers refuse the food. They are supposed to avoid such places, but there are plenty of officers who don’t. Frankly, I feel this is a touchy issue.

    As for the salty burger and being arrested… whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!? Sounds kinda hoaxish to me.

  21. I’m sorry, but how did no one say this yet?

    “I think that kid spit on my burger!”

    No, Officer Farva, no!

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