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• Toy Octopus Encourages Beach Clean Up Link

• Rosy Future – An ad for the Sprint version of the upcoming Centro, Palm's smaller version of the same old thing. [Link

• Californian Standoff — Apple takes a no-aggression stance toward third-party iPhone hackers. Link

• Really? Mac? — Guitar Hero III coming to both PCs and Macs. Link

• Free as in Free – Free tool lets you unlock the iPhone for use on non-AT&T carriers. Link

• 6. Because It's Awesome – "Five Reasons You Should Be Playing Peggle" Link

• Peripher-hell – Rock Band on the Xbox 360 will not come with a wireless guitar, thanks to Microsoft's stupid tarriff on third-party controllers. Link

• Bleepin' Bleeper – "I Just Spoke to a Robot Telemarketer" Link

• Bauhaus-Inspired Gift Kodak No. 1A Link

• Gothic Castle Decor: Bat Light Fixtures! Link

• Palm Treo 500v: New Look, Same Limitations Link

• Pure Digital Flip Video Ultra Link

• Cocoon Tent Concept by John Moriarty Link

• Lenovo's Power-Efficient ThinkCentre A61e Desktop Link

• What the Fuck is Steampunk? Link

• Di Blasi R7E Folding Motorbike Link

• Aether Glowing Knife Block by Vincent Hudson Link

• Japanese Arcade Game Blamed for Rise in Illegal Stag Beetle Imports Link

• Jakks EyeClops Bionic Eye Link

• FlatWorld: Enhanced Military VR Simulator Link

• LEGO: Post-Apocalyptic Mutant Cityscape by Legohaulic Link

• Team Fortress 2 "Meet the *" Trailers Link

• Morning Tech Deals Highlights Link

• Saitek Cyborg Gamepad with Flippable Controls Link


  1. Very nice. Except that I can’t comment on BBG without logging out of BB? If it’s a sister site, there shouldn’t be a need to register with both. If it is separate, why do I have to log out of BB to post anonymously on BBG? Something is fscked up.

  2. The link to the iPhone GUI connects to a guy who claims to have written the package himself, but in reality he swiped it from The Dev Team (Gizmodo confirmed).

    Proof lies in his attrocious spelling too.

  3. The flippable controls on the Saitek controller are’t innovative. In 2004 Radica were showing off controllers they were distributing for the Xbox and PS2 that allowed you to swap the positions of the d-pad, buttons and both analogue sticks.

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