Free poster with a dozen famous conservatives

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Young America's Foundation is kindly giving away copies of its Conservative VIP poster, as seen here.
Hang the leaders of the Conservative Movement on the wall in your office, home, or dorm! Young America's Foundation is excited to offer our latest breakthrough poster that brings together the strongest leaders and advocates of the Conservative Movement in a unique group photo! This is the only poster of its kind that includes these twelve conservative luminaries: John Ashcroft, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Robert Novak, Ward Connerly, Dinesh D’Souza, Walter Williams and many more.

Get your *free conservative VIP poster here... while supplies last!

*You pay only shipping and handling! [[$7]]

They had me with the first seven words of their pitch. Link (Thanks, Colin!)


  1. 3 step program for conservative posters:

    1) Read the last sentence of the post.

    2) Realize that is the norm here.

    3) Complain somewhere else.

  2. Oh boy.

    Do they sell bundles with dart sets, too?

    Every day I’m furthur amazed how people can associate with (and/or tolerate) the conservative movement in the US and keep a straight face. *sigh*

  3. It’s interesting that posters who disagree with the BB “mutant orthodoxy” are often labeled by other posters as “conservatives” and even told to go away, but I give the BB staff a lot of credit for allowing dissenting opinions to be posted.

    You know, Bush (who I’m not defending in general) gets criticized as simple-minded and jingoistic for saying things like “you’re for us or you’re against us,” yet I see a lot of people here with the same old black-and-white mentality.

    Conservatives are bad, m’kay?

  4. Seems like perfect fodder for an LOLCAT Photoshopping contest, no?

    (idea stolen from Draconum and Dave X)

  5. The mottled gray background represents the ash heap of history that the legacies of these arrogant bozos will be archived in.

    Can anyone make sense of the name “Young America’s Foundation?”

    Is that a misspelling of “Young Americans’ Foundation?”

    Or was the group founded by and for a guy named Young America?

  6. “Conservatives are bad, m’kay?”

    Er, well, yes? Okay, possibly not all of them, statistically I suppose this must be the case,but all those ones are.

  7. “They had me with the first seven words of their pitch.”

    Wow, the poster features Ann Coulter, and the BB plug was apparently written in Coulter-ese as well.

  8. [If you’ve gotta ask, you’re never gonna know]
    Or maybe the Foundation wants people to send their cereal boxtops to them.
    [/If you’ve gotta ask, you’re never gonna know]

  9. @ phasor3000,
    You’re right and I’m sorry.
    Opposing viewpoints are respected here, but the post I was responding to was asking for balance.
    I should have been more clear that I meant, “Don’t complain about boingboing’s liberal bias – it’s integral to the site.”
    I didn’t mean conservatives shouldn’t complain (or post) about anything at boingboing.
    As to your other point, “Conservatives are bad, m’kay?” – exactly!

  10. I can’t figure out how anyone that expects respect or wants to be taken seriously would identify or associate with the likes of Ann Coulter.

  11. You beat me to it, DCULBERSON. I can’t believe the Young America Foundation seriously considers reading Ann Coulter essential to anyone’s education.

  12. Kinda gusty saying that whole “had me at the first seven words” thing considering there are two black individuals on the poster.

  13. Wow… So many proponents of hate speech on one poster. It is a veritable who’s who of bigotry.

  14. Thanks to No Child Left Behind, the statement on the poster is now, sadly, the literal truth.

  15. This ties into the upcoming Tintin movie, right?

    Granted they’re a bit more comical than the usual Tintin villans, and you’d have to allow for more racism than the original comics, but they’re certainly evil enough…

  16. It’s a wonder that the rest of those dopes still associate with Coulter after she’s weakened the conservative party so many times with her completely idiotic statements.

    In addition, it’s scary that she’s the best looking of them. Yikes!

  17. Could that Coulter poster be any more creepy? It’s like we’ve snuck up on one of the lizard people from V after she’s slipped back into her human costume.

  18. Squashy@31, that was ugly and uncalled for.

    Ah, I did wonder if anyone would miss the reference. It’s based on a quote from Ann Coulter herself: “The earth is yours. Take it. Rape it.”

    Yes, it is ugly.

  19. Shalabi> Kinda [gutsy] saying that whole “had me at the first seven words” thing considering there are two black individuals on the poster.

    They’re not individuals, they’re conservatives, it’s completely the opposite. :-)

  20. Get your *free conservative VIP poster here… while supplies last!

    *You pay only shipping and handling!

    So I click through to order just to see what they charge for shipping this thing and the order form is already filled out… some guy named Daryl Hintz… complete with mailing address, phone number, email.

    Any idea who this guy is?


  21. Any idea who this guy is?

    Seems to be some ordinary guy – one who’s probably really happy to discover his name defaulted in some order form on the interweb. Who’s going to end up with a truckload of posters.

  22. Different name and data now in the form at the link in comment #44. Yowza, that can’t possibly be good.

  23. You know, let people believe what they want to believe. But even a Glamour Shots photoshoot looks better than this. Fugly to the max.

  24. “Never forget. Show your support for the War on Terror and America.” (from the 9/11 never forget poster description).

    I didn’t know the war was on Terror AND America. It makes so much more sense now.

  25. Forget about politics, let’s get personal here, as in: Robert Novak and Ann Coulter have the kind of personalities that would make me walk in the other direction if I were at a party with them. “Uh oh, blowhards at 3 o’clock! Take evasive action!”

    Like Rush Limbaugh: it’s hard to listen to him long enough to even be repulsed by his views, because he’s such a lout. Ick.

    I don’t agree with John McCain’s politics, but at least he doesn’t make my flesh crawl. He seems like a decent guy. It’s just that he wants to have creationism taught in schools, and that’s just silly.

    I can’t tell, is McCain in the photo? If not, why not? He seems like a better advertisement for conservatism than these folks.

  26. #47: Yes, there’s some really sloppy scripting going on there.

    But, you know, it’s hard for Conservative websites to get good help; all the really good web commerce coders were snapped up by Hate America First Ltd. and Dhimicrats for World Islamofascist Domination.

  27. I love terms like “Islamofascism.” Coined by people who have seemingly never bothered to learn about actual schools of political thought (like fascism) or about the history of these schools, so they apparently need to make up new words to cover the gap in their knowledge.

    Because, as we all know, Mussolini and Bin Laden have so much in common.

    “They’re bad men, very, very bad, so bad that when the topic comes up I get so darn mad I can’t even think straight. And anyway, why bother to differentiate between the ideologies of our enemies? Everyone knows that anyone who tries to understand opposing ideologies hates America!”

    Real clever. And altogether useless as a rhetorical device.

  28. I don’t see the problem with hanging them. They back hanging other people, like, especially, teh blacks, and teh mentally subnormal. And they aren’t too picky about proof, standards, etc. I think their dispatch would reduce the chances, overall, of miscarriages of justice ending in the chair.

    Oh, and what Nick D said so clearly above.

  29. This is truly beyond satire. Does the poster really suggest that US Conservatives are lacking a complete education? Well I guess that’s right. I followed the link to the YAF site and found that pretty bewildering too – these people and their naff posters unintentionally send themselves up at every turn.

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  31. Nick D-

    Not useless as a rhetorical device. Very useful if your goal is to obfuscate the meaning of fascism, as the fascists in the poster would love to do.

  32. What Is “Islamofascism”?
    A history of the word from the first Westerner to use it, by Stephen Schwartz

    Excerpt: “I admit to a lack of modesty or neutrality about this discussion, since I was, as I will explain, the first Westerner to use the neologism in this context.”

  33. Dave X had the best manipulation of the poster yet in my opinion (#32)

    thanks for that huge laugh :)

  34. There is something seriously wrong with that site. It retains the last persons info on the page.

    Perhaps one essential book for conservatives to read should be one on coding.

    The Bush poster is free with any purchase. I guess they are having a hard time selling them.

    I would’ve ordered one if the shipping was cheaper than 7 bucks, and if my personal info wouldn’t be displayed for the world to see.

  35. Yeah, you guys are sure showing a lot of “tolerance” and maturity on this website. Project much?


  36. The designers of this poster need to complete their own “Education”.
    The word they should use (for accuracy) is “Indoctrination”.
    Just as no “education” used to be “complete”[meaning that nothing further is to be learned?]unless one was taught to touch one’s cap in the presence of your betters, and to never ever question Authority when it came to organized State violence. (War on everything and everyone forever! As thats the only way they know to keep the US economy ticking over since about 1941.)

    These people on the poster think and say that the main thing wrong with America is that people do not hate enough or if they do that they lack the courage to act on their hatred to kill other people (for war is the only thing these people EVER talk about…)

    These people are against human happiness, and are traitors to the ideals upon which their Nation was founded.

    The cult of personality and its use to engineer the consent of the governed to the unrestricted use of violence against… well, everyone, including themselves (whip yourself into shape Ann!)

  37. Sean: Ann Coulter is hardly a pinnacle of tolerance and acceptance herself (as I think even most conservatives would agree). Touting her and her hatemongering viewpoints as essential to education is more than merely laughable, its practically criminal.

    That reason alone is enough to render this poster highly mockworthy.

  38. I just think it’s ironic that you “reality based” people show the same sort of behavior that you supposedly hate in conservatives. Hence, the “project much” comment; rather ironic don’t you think? Mocking is one thing; joking about “rape” and “hanging” is quite another. In fact, I don’t think I’ve heard any of them advocate raping and hanging of anyone – but I have heard that kind of rhetoric come from the left (on this site as matter of fact, check out #31 by Squashy). For a community of supposedly tech savvy intellectuals most of the commenter’s here come off as snot nosed juveniles. But then again, that’s the level of discourse I have come to expect from the supposed “reality based” community. Maybe some of you should actually read (imagine that) what they write (or listen) and if you find you still disagree with them try debating them. Nope, it’s much easier to mock them in a vacuum with all your fellow “reality based” buddies. You all should be proud. Sigh…


  39. Sean, indeed rape and hanging aren’t funny. But perhaps you missed when Ms. Coulter openly wished for terrorists to destroy the New York Times building with everyone inside. Or Mr. O’Reilly for terrorists to attack San Francisco.

    Those are people who sell millions of books and have their own TV shows and appear on posters. Don’t compare them with anonymous blog commenters.

  40. Sean,
    I love it when people sigh in print, it builds drama. Did you by any chance *read* Squashy’s explanation of that comment (at #41)?

    Ah, I did wonder if anyone would miss the reference. It’s based on a quote from Ann Coulter herself: “The earth is yours. Take it. Rape it.”
    Yes, it is ugly.

  41. I must say, when I first saw the poster I completely misinterpreted their intent. I thought it was a poster put out by liberals trying to say that our education system had failed to educate folks such as those pictured–meaning they were uneducated.

    I think they should have parsed their language a little better…

  42. No education is complete until it includes them. Very true – also, no education is complete until it includes frauds, scams, hucksters, shysters, criminal behaviour and fascistic tendencies and why those things are bad.

    Is there a correlation? Or is it mere coincidence? You decide!

  43. I’m not defending Coulter here, nor do I necessarily adhere to her positions. Admittedly, I missed Squashy’s explanation, if you can call it that. I’m still not impressed though. The “she did it first” defense is still juvenile or worse when advocating rape… even in jest. But since we are using Ann’s own words to “hang” her, rhetorically speaking of course, then perhaps some proof that she actually said these things is in order (you know, references, links and so forth). Oh, and context is always good as well. I’ve read some of her stuff, and she can be quite over the top at times, but what I have read has never advocated violence (except, perhaps against our enemies in this war). But, admittedly, I don’t read her work regularly, so I could be wrong.


  44. There is nothing daring or free-thinking about the conservative movement as it has existed since the advent of the Reagan era

    Daring: hey, let’s instigate a whole bunch of conflicts and let other people fight and die for our profit margins and business interests…yeah, profiles in courage.

    free-thinking: we must adhere to this narrow interpretation of some designs for living that were concocted by nomadic desert dwellers 3,000 years ago

    I’m sure that every time the 12 weirdos in that poster identify themselves as conservatives, Barry Goldwater must do a few more RPM’s in his grave

  45. Is executing people for their political beliefs considered funny to you, Mark?

    I cant, obviously, speak for Mark, but I think it is called “black humor”, and is how some people manage to make some aspects of life more bearable without losing sanity.

  46. Anon #77 makes my point. Make assertions without backing them up all so he/she can justify demonizing people that he/she doesn’t agree with. Like I said; “project much”. And that coming from someone who probably believes that he/she is politically and historically astute – and they claim conservatives aren’t deep thinkers. Sigh (just for you Jim).


  47. “Not useless as a rhetorical device. Very useful if your goal is to obfuscate the meaning of fascism…”

    And that’s how many use it, no doubt. I just don’t consider that a valid part of the art of rhetoric in that it doesn’t further debate–it’s a way of squashing debate.

    @#61: thanks for the link. So much more useful than the contentless namecalling so many have indulged in above.

    Per the article: I am so not impressed by Mr. Schwartz’s exposition of why the term should be taken seriously.

    “Fascism is distinguished from the broader category of extreme right-wing politics by its willingness to defy public civility and openly violate
    the law.”

    This is part of no one’s definition of fascism other than Schwartz’s. What party has ever been completely innocent of this kind of behavior? It’s not a sine qua non of fascism.

    “Both Mussolini and Hitler agitated against “the system” governing their countries.”


    “It is a common misconception of political science to believe, in the manner of amateur Marxists, that Italian fascists and Nazis sought maintenance of order, to protect the ruling classes.”

    Completely and utterly wrong and unhistorical. They did indeed want order–as long as it was their order, and they were the uber ruling class. They were only disruptive in the furtherance of their aims. So were the American Revolutionary forces. So what?

    “Fascism was imperialistic”

    So was Rome. So were the British, French and German monarchies. So was the American republic (the Phillipines, for example).

    “Fascism was totalitarian.”

    Finally he gets something right.

    It was also atheistic.

    If the term “Islamofascists” is not about Islam but about their hijacking of Islam, then why make “Islam” a part of the term? Call it fascism. If it’s a religion-based totalitarianism, call it a theocracy. Why do we need a hybrid term?

    Answer: to imply that these conditions are historically unique (they’re not) and therefore our responses need not conform to established treaties like the Geneva Convention (as indeed they should).

    I could go on and on, but I won’t. Anyone can read his article and make up their own minds.

  48. “Progressives,practicing what they preach against.”

    Frauenhoffer, do you have anything to contribute to the debate, or do you just want to let the other commenters know how stupid we are, and how smart you are? Please, do set us all straight.

  49. I didn’t know I was under any obligation to prove anything! I obviously misjudged people’s familiarity of what I thought was a fairly well-known, and frankly terrifying statement by Ann Coulter (relating to why she thinks pollution and environmental destruction is just fine). Feel free to Google it if you are in doubt, but here it is in full, anyway:

    “God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. God said, ‘Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It’s yours.'”—Hannity & Colmes, 6/20/01

    I also guess I misjudged some people’s ability to read subtext, and their susceptibility to politically correct overreaction (“Shh! Let’s not joke about hanging! There’s black people present”)
    . I was trying to make a point about how creepy it was to see that Ann Coulter poster, using sex appeal to sell some very dangerous ideology. I was also making a joke about how these posters are just begging to be Photoshopped and abused.

    But jokes are no fun when you have to explain them.

  50. To Nick D.,

    Thanks for following the “Islamofascism” link and providing your thoughtful commentary!

    I am not much of a student of historical/political “isms,” so couldn’t tell you the subtle differences between Nazism as a political philosophy and Mussolini-style fascism. I simply Google searched the question: “What is Islamofascism?” and posted what I found for everyone’s edification.

    What’s in a word? Schwartz, being “the first Westerner to use the neologism in this context,” or so he claims, defined it how he pleased, in the same way, I suppose, that Tom Hazlett coined so as to define the neologism: “feminazi,” although I have no clue as to how Hazlett defined it. Rush Limbaugh popularized it.

    “(Limbaugh) originally stated that the word “feminazi” not only referred to an extreme feminist but a woman whose goal was that there should be as many abortions as possible.” I suppose that some parallels MIGHT be drawn with the “Final Solution” mentality, if one were so inclined.

    I can’t say that I’ve ever met a true “feminazi,” and most definitely not an “Islamofascist,” yet I am persuaded that such folks as these Islamic Rage Boys haven’t hijacked Islam at all, but have rather recovered its fundamental impperative: to subdue the entire world for Allah, no matter how much blood “needs” to be shed in the process, particularly if that blood flows in the veins of “infidels,” a.k.a. Jews (cursed apes) and Christians (Crusaders, guilty of shirk -giving God partners- the worst sin of all.)

    Schwartz calls it “Islamofascism.” I simply call it Islam.

  51. @#84: “Yes and yes.”

    Gee, how did I know you were going to say that? I must be psychic.

    Again: are you afraid to engage, because your stance of superiority might be revealed for what it is: only a stance? C’mon, prove to us how smart you are. Say something about the topic and prove to us the error of our ways. I dare you.

  52. @#86: Believe me, I am no fan of organized religion, but if I took the position that Islamic terrorists prove that Islam is a bad religion, I think I would be falling into the same logical errors for which I have criticized Schwartz.

  53. “Gee, how did I know you were going to say that?”

    Because it’s what you would have said?

    “I dare you.”

    Now if it had been a double dog dare………..

  54. #85 Squashy,

    Jokes about rape and hanging are tasteless and juvenile even if they are witty and ironic. It’s got nothing to do with being PC and everything to do with class and maturity. And you were called on it. And the fact that you have to explain the subtext shows that the quote is not widely known, except probably among lefties (who think their witty and smart). And even worse, the fact that you have to defend it reveals how tasteless and unfunny it is.

    As for her statement, you (and by extension, all your buddies on the left) have taken that quote way out of context. One has to wonder about your ability to understand context, or think logically for that matter – but at least your ability for “subtext” in jokes is good. I guess that’s all that matters.

    Still not impressed with this group here (except maybe Nick D and Lexicon – they’re having a meaningful debate).


  55. Wait, I’m confused. The entry said, “Hang the leaders of the Conservative Movement on the wall in your office, home, or dorm!” I took that to mean the poster, not the people in the poster.

    But yeah, #54 was way over the top and it’s not surprising people were offended by that.

    “The Ann Coulter poster is yours. Take it. Rape it.”

    The commenter explained that that was a satirical reference to a Coulter quote. No harm, no foul, IMO. Why is her quip so awful? No one’s joking about actual rape here, and I don’t think anyone’s in favor of it! C’mon! Lighten up, ya’ll!

  56. Why doesn’t Michelle Malkin think that she deserves to be hanged? Just about everyone in that poster pushed the disinformation that got our soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed and maimed. Shouldn’t they receive the same treatment as Mussolini’s or Hitler’s propagandists? After all, wasn’t Goebbels just practicing free speech? And yes, I”m happily violating Godwin’s Law, because I THINK THAT IT IS BECOMING A FAIR COMPARISON.
    They will dutifully do the same when the war criminal president decides to attack Iran. They are complicit war criminals hiding behind “free speech”. They must be stopped.
    “Spraying Perfume On A Load of Shit” is a better title for the poster in question. These people have had their day in the sun. Now it’s time to face a trial and a good hanging. Many have hanged for less. And they are presumably all down with the death penalty.

  57. (Since there’s a recent post here.)

    There are two African-Americans in that poster. On the left is Walter Williams. On the left is an African-American woman, who is surely NOT Ward Connerly.

    I guess we all do look alike to them.

  58. I heard that if George Bush was elected dissent from the party would be met by hangings, I guess it is true. Live Free or Die.

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