Furniture made from aviation salvage

Motoart sells furniture made from aviation salvage, like this desk made from a polished 727 cowling -- you can get a matching chair made from B-52 ejection seat! Lots of good stuff, no prices, probably out of my league, but a guy can dream. Link (via Cribcandy)


  1. If I’m not mistaken, these guys (MotoArt) are the same ones that were featured in DiscoveryChannel
    ‘s “Wing Nuts.”

  2. The chair shown in the photo isn’t from a B-52 ejection seat. They have more of a square-shaped back. They don’t come to a point like this one. This one looks too flimsy to even be an ejection seat.

  3. I watched the series for a while…wish I could justify the expense as they do some cool shit.

    as an indicator of what their prices run look at the following

    the “AquaBomb” (which I learned watching the show started out as an attempted Lava Lamp) sells for $3950.00

    so figure 4x that for a cowling desk…at least.

  4. My FIL sells aircraft salvage…used to have literal tons of this stuff lying aroun. The bomb bits always looked like rockets to me, so I had this fantasy about making a marvin-the -martian style playground…

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