Heart breaking photo of Pee-Wee's Chairy abandoned on street

JMT says: Picture 4-44"I ran accross this flickr photo by accident. Apparently, it's an exact replica of 'Chairy' from PeeWee's playhouse found on the side of the street, wet and neglected. I think it might be New York. How could the photographer have not picked it up?!?!?!" Link


  1. “in ur house… not anymore”
    “in ur street… sulking”
    “ma bukket… it is gone”

    come on people it’s asking for it!

  2. “sulky chair… is sulking”
    “i used to get all the booty on me”
    “i can not has booty”
    “they use you. it’s all they do.”


  3. A good reason for not pick it up:
    There’s an absolute epidemic of bedbugs in NYC.
    Many people unwittingly bring them into their
    homes by picking things up off the street.

    My SO and I just survived such an infestation.
    It cost us thousands and required
    us throw away half of our posessions.

    That smiling chair could cause tears later :(

  4. Sorry, but ya just don’t go around picking up furniture off the curb in Brooklyn. (It’s very hard to “un-piss” something)

  5. Three famous Americans shot in the head:

    Abe Lincoln, JFK and the guy who sat in front of Peewee..

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