Boing Boing tv: Butt-biting Bug / Vaginads

In this edition of Boing Boing tv: first, an update on that Japanese pop tune about a "butt biting bug" (Oshiri Kajiri Mushi). Then, we explore advertisements that feature something that's never been unpopular - vajayjay. Video Link.


  1. The male and especially the female commentators are… annoying to watch.

    It’s a nice effort that BoingBoing is exploring new areas to entertain and enlighten us. I was actually delighted and decided to watch your new feature once I saw the posting.

    Upon seeing the male commentator, my first reaction was to skip the video ahead to see what he was talking about because he was annoying to listen to (he looked straight out of a 80’s shampoo commercial, Selsun Blue to be exact). The video subjects were things I already saw or read on BoingBoing (maybe Digg) so I skipped further ahaead… Thus I came across the female commentator and an immediate gag reflex ensued (ok, maybe it was shawarma I was eating). Not only she was annoying to listen to, but also quite annoying to watch (she also looks straight of the 80’s, Annie Lennox’s lost younger sister?). I decided to close the window not watching the rest of the video.

    Maybe you should use subjects not previously covered in BoingBoing, and commentator’s less annoyoying. Yeah, maybe I’m the only one annoyed because i’m some narrowminded deadbeat who lives with his Mom in Nebraska (sorry Nebraska, your the first state that’s in the middle of nowhere that came to mind), but it would be nice to see commentator’s more lively and less cliche…

    Wow, i’m being mean!

  2. The thing about disemvoweling is that, much like a ‘first post!’, you have to rush to be there first to see the post before it loses its vowels. Now, personally, losing the constants would work more effectively than vowels IMO, but hey, to each his or her own!

  3. @#2: Especially since the hosts are the writers of Boing Boing. But I’m sure Xeni appreciates being told she’s Annie Lennox’s lost younger sister.

  4. Yeah, ZZ, who did you think they were? Blackwater employees? They’re the peeps behind boingboing. Well, two of them.

    I thought this episode was awesome.

    (“Ohh, gross!” “I’msorryI’msorryI’msorry”)

    I think the Vulva ad is fake. Good, but fake. (IMHO)

  5. If you’re going to offer Video, do you suppose you could get a server that can handle it. I’ve never been able to view your offering because of S-l-o-w download times.

  6. @ZZT711

    Dude, what do you want. They are straight out of the 80s. You want someone “modern”, they’d be all 17 and MTV.

    God bless the 80s! :)

  7. I mean, how is Tom Ford supposed to know what the vajayjay smells like, anyway? For all he knows the techs could have captured the essence of the pomme fritz, put it in a bottle, and said to him, “It’s the vajayjay!” I was just imagining an entire lab of assistants running around saying, “You smell it.” “No, you smell it.” “I’m not going to smell it.”

    That guy selling the spray on vagina mist is for real, though. He scares me.

    (So far, I’ve gotten to use the word “vajayjay” three times already and it isn’t yet ten o’clock. How thrilling.)

  8. I mean, how is Tom Ford supposed to know what the vajayjay smells like, anyway? For all he knows the techs could have captured the essence of the pomme fritz, put it in a bottle, and said to him, “It’s the vajayjay!”

    That guy selling the spray-on vulva mist is for real, though. Look at him. He knows a vajayjay when he smells one. I bet he could find a vajayjay in the dark. He scares me.

  9. re ZZT711’s critique.

    um, are you nuts?

    *i* think boingboing tv isn’t even playing fair, as i would watch xeni on screen reading just about anything.

    but for real, the roots of boingboing are a d.i.y. zine, why wouldn’t they continue that tradition with web video segments?
    i agree that it would be nice to see more entirely original content, but for now i applaud their experiment.

    [posting anonymously so that my wife won’t know about my big-time xeni crush!]

  10. Dave X> Vajayjay? Don’t you mean “hoo-ha?”

    My dad used to call it the Bermuda Triangle, because more men had been lost there than anywhere else.

  11. Xeni – I love! BTW, your Perenium fragrence is a hoot. Does it smell like .asp?

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  13. I am loving it, i knew i would. Looking good Mark, pretty glam for a smart guy ;)
    And Xeni, your TV persona is even more charismatic than your ‘made for podcasting’ voice.
    Long Live BoingBoingTV!

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