New GOP logo is funny


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  1. raduga_NINE says:

    The star for the eye is just scary. In combo with the rearing stance, it really makes the beast look psychotic. Reminds me of a post that I’m sure I saw on BB last year about orphan elephants going berserk and raping rhinos somewhere in Africa… it’s all so fitting…

  2. Nick D says:

    In terms of communication design, the rearing elephant suggests a rampaging or fighting elephant, a connotation which to me seems very undesirable. Maybe they were aiming for “Energetic,” but what I think it says is “Out of control!” Bad design, IMO.

  3. Christovir says:

    Let’s count the unintended innuendos:

    1) The elephant has a “wide stance.”
    2) By itself, that doesn’t mean much, but it is also in Minneapolis-St. Paul – the exact same spot Republican Larry Craig pulled his “wide stance” shenanigans.
    3) It also doesn’t help that the elephant is flashing it’s throbbing red 2008.
    4) Come to think of it, the half-bent-over posture doesn’t do it any favours either.

    However, it will *never* be as bad of a gaffe as London’s 2012 “Lisa Simpson” Olympic Logo.

  4. Kevitivity says:

    Wishful thinking by rabid kos-kids… I love it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It looks like it’s getting ready to take a massive dump on the Constitution.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My first impression was that it was (appropriately) wearing prison garb.

  7. stuart kaufman says:

    I thought he was urinating.

  8. Anonymous says:

    First thought is that the elephant is determined to eff 2008. While hypnotized and wearing some kind of ceremonial garb.

  9. Brian Carnell says:

    My first thought was why does the elephant have a giant “E” on its back.

  10. kinokino says:

    the star eye is perfect for that.

    and what’s with all the blue. do they think we’ll only glance and mistake them for democrats and subsequently vote for one of them?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I like to think that the elephant is making sweet love to the year 2008.

  12. lamarlowe says:

    That is odd. In honor of Karl Rove’s ostensible father, one would think he would at least have a visible penis with a Prince Albert barbell through it.
    It would only be fair, as a warning to young Republicans and body-modders everywhere that your progeny will rail emphatically against everything in which you believe, whatever it might be. I must admit, although having been a life-long liberal and believer in the power of people, both individually and collectively, if not personally :), that the young toad-son of the mighty quirksome and troubled god is at least intelligent, if not either well-spoken nor charismatic. The toad-boy was wise enough to steal two elections away from the will of the great unwashed; but it was necessary if the ones who will decide our fate were to load up the supremes with like-minded people who know the value of doing business.

    But I digress. When will the people take back their own country, now that our most powerful court has been stolen?

    Is it time yet? Apparently not. Let’s let that pendulum swing all the way to its highest fascist arc before slapping it back down to true equilibrium, and beyond. :)

    Or perhaps the logo is intended to be female, tapping her own toes and running that fine, fine tusk under a restroom partition of her own, in search of satisfaction. But I doubt it. The conservatives would never have a cunt for a logo. After all, they only exist for one purpose. Correct, all Muslims, fundamentalists, and Republicans??

    Never mind. Please don’t answer. My skin is already crawling.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the elephant is appropriately clad in prison stripes.

  14. gabrielm says:

    Between this and the LOL Conservatives poster that BoingBoing posted a few days ago – I think that they need to hire a real designer. Any graphic design 101 student could do better then that. It is too complex, not recognizable from a distance – oh and it looks like a dead elephant!

  15. lunarworks says:

    To me the elephant has a crazed look, like a circus elephant that’s finally snapped and is ready to rampage.

    You all know what happens next in that situation.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Looks to me like he is raising up to mount a female: his penis has “2008″ tatooed on it.

  17. M. Mitchell says:

    Or maybe it’s humping 2008…

  18. Nick D says:

    How did we miss the dead star-eye? That made me laugh out loud. It looks like Sylvester after Tweetie Bird has clocked him with a piano. Where are the birds circling its head?

  19. Anonymous says:

    That elephant doesn’t seem living. . .

  20. subtlesquid says:

    my first thought was an elephant in a striped shirt, like an old timey convict. Seems fitting.

  21. Booklegger451 says:

    I think with just a few more tentacles, it’ll be a dead ringer for Great Cthulhu. Which would explain alot about the current Republican party, come to think about it.

  22. Setharian says:

    I don’t know that anyone with an ass for their party logo should be critical. Just sayin’. :)

  23. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was an “E” for Enron.

  24. Tommy says:

    I keep seeing the red 2008 as a penis.

    I don’t want to, but that’s just what comes to mind.

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