Complete Don Martin two volume set


3 Responses to “Complete Don Martin two volume set”

  1. Michael says:

    Must. Have.

  2. swestcott says:

    Man I so want this but I will have to save up for a bit. I must thank my sister Karen for paying for a subscription to this mag when we where kids with her paper route money. does any one know who did all the crazy inventions they had from time to time.

  3. kip w says:

    I expect this is totally worth it, but I must caution the unwary that this doesn’t contain the material in his original paperbacks, which were released under the MAD monicker. Thus (as Mark Evanier pointed out) no Captain Klutz, no National Gorilla Suit Day… and I would add, several other great sustained bits of Martin madness.

    But since I have those paperbacks already, I guess I’ll live.

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